Being a Healthy Teen

A lot of people think that if they are not sick then they must be healthy. As a teenager you are now taking more responsibility to care for yourself and communicate to your parents how you are feeling.
You may not know that wellness is more than just “feeling OK”. Instead, it is the active pursuit of your well-being-physically, emotionally and spiritually.


During your teenage years, your body is in the last stages of physical growth. It’s important to know that your spine, which houses and protects your nervous system, will be fully developing. The brain, spinal cord and nerves are the master controller of all your body’s systems; immune, hormonal, respiratory and digestive.
By this age you’ve probably already experienced a fall or injury that has affected the development of your spine but hasn’t resulted in any pain or other symptoms. Even sitting too long at school, or at home while watching TV, and hours spent on the computer, video gaming and social networking may cause spinal bones to lose their normal position or ability to move, causing interference to your nervous system (vertebral subluxation).  As a teenager some commonly reported symptoms of nerve interference include headaches, poor posture, back and neck pain, mood swings, menstrual cycle issues and skin conditions
Many teens report that when they begin chiropractic care they see an improvement in their quality of life. This includes better posture, improved study habits, more energy and overall sense of emotional well-being.
Your Family Wellness Chiropractor is as much an educator as they are a healthcare provider and can help you recognize the typical stressors in your life that your life that you may not realize are affecting your spine and nervous system.

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