Raising a Healthy Pre Schooler

A parent’s desire is to have a well-balanced and healthy child. However, the true definition of wellness is a more active pursuit of well-being. Wellness is more than the absence of childhood ear infections, colds and bed-wetting but is an achievement of health – physically, emotionally and spiritually
During the first six years of your child’s life, their spine will undergo significant growth.  The purpose of spine is to house and protect your preschooler’s nervous system. The brain, spinal cord and nerves are the master controller and regulator of all their body’s system: Immune, sleep, digestion and elimination, and respiratory.
Pushing the limits
Growing communication skills are accompanied by an active life of make believe and physical activities. As they try to master their bodies, preschooler’s encounter climbing, tricycles, bicycles and other physical challenges of exploration. 
Posture Signs:  Do not wait for your child to manifest symptoms, but periodically check your child’s posture. Having your child stand against the wall you can check the bottom of their ear lobes.  Are they level? Placing your hands on top of their shoulders and later on their hips, if your hands are not level this could be your first sign as a parent that your child’s spine is not growing straight.
During this time your child’s spine should be growing straight and from the side should have healthy normal curves, which makes this the worst time for your preschooler to have typical falls and tumbles. With these minor traumas, spinal bones may lose their normal position or ability to move causing interference to your child’s nervous system. (Vertebral subluxation). While your child will not experience back pain, and bandage or a soothing hug may comfort, interference to the nervous system may take months or even years to manifest symptoms.
Many parents report that when they begin chiropractic care for their preschooler they see an improvement in the quality of life of their child including; fewer colds, ear infections, allergies and asthmatic issues, resolved bed-wetting and just an overall happier child.

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