Raising a Healthy Toddler

Parents are happy when they know that their child is healthy, however, the true definition of wellness is achieved by actively pursuing a state of well-being. Wellness is more than just an absence of ear infections and colds, but the expression of health, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Their developing spine
Your toddler’s spine is the housing and protection for their nervous system and, by age 2, has doubled in size. The brain, spinal cord and nerves are the master controller of all their body’s systems. Your child’s natural curiosity during this stage of his or her life will lead to many falls and tumbles. With these minor traumas, spinal bones may lose your child’s normal position or ability to move causing interference to your child’s nervous system. (vertebral subluxation).


The first few years

During the first months and years of your child’s life, he or she grows from a helpless infant into a fearless adventurer. A child’s natural curiosity about the world is accompanied by significant physical growth, weight gain, and emotional development.  Lacking language skills, your young toddler communicates with simple sounds: smiling, laughing, and crying. Many parents respond to these signs with food, toys, or a hug. Yet, sometimes we get the wrong message. Parents should be aware that interferences to their child’s nervous system may result in a weaker immune system, difficulty with digestion and elimination, respiratory issues and more.
Many parent’s report that when they begin chiropractic care for their toddlers they see an improved immune system, resulting in a fewer colds, ear infections, improved appetite, sleeping through the night and overall happier child. Your family wellness chiropractor is as much an educator as they are a healthcare provider and can provide you with the latest in wellness information and guide you in the most natural way to raise little ones

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