Success Stories

First and foremost, you're not a "patient" here. You're welcomed into the family. Dr. Lee and staff (SHOUT OUT to Kristin - best CA around!) are absolutely amazing! These ladies not only provide exceptional chiropractic care, but actually CARE about you, overall!
Serenity Health Chiropractic has been an absolute God send for me and my daughter! I cannot thank these ladies enough!

- Catie 

So first this place is amazing!!!! Everyone who is hurting should come here. All employees are SO friendly and nice!!! Dr. April Lee is who I recommend!!! She loves children and is very very nice!! At their front desk you walk in, then you DON'T even have to sign-in (unless it is your first time) they know you and sign-in for you.

It is an amazing experience that you HAVE to enjoy!!! Remember ask for Dr.April Lee but don't t take all the days she is available leave some open for me!!

- D Navorska

Great team! Excellent service, Dr Lee takes the time to explain what's going on with your body and why she is making the adjustments she needs to make. They take the time to educate you and offer many additional services.
Definitely would recommend to family and friends.

- Toni 

Dr. April and her office staff were amazingly compassionate and helpful when we urgently requested their help during our vacation. We were far from home and familiar providers, and my husband was in an exceeding amount of sudden onset pain. Dr. April and her staff found time for us the day we called, spent time determining my husband's source of pain, saw him several times during that week, and provided relief in all the right ways until we could return home. We were so impressed with Dr. April's knowledge and care that we requested her input even after we returned home to familiar providers! Thank you to Dr. April and her staff - would give 10 stars if we could!

-M Underhill

Dr. Lee has taken great care of our family members. She and the staff are always available and caring to each one of us. From twisted backs, to sore shoulders to just keeping us adjusted every month, we are in good health thanks to Dr. Lee and Serenity Health Chiropractic. A+!


I absolutely love Dr. Lee and her staff! Not only is she thorough, her heart is kind and truly wants to help heal. They're great with my kids too!


Dr. Lee is great.  She helped me better my marathon time by over 30 minutes. She treated me on a monthly basis during the entire year and resolved many of my running issues (plantar fasciitis, IT Band and muscle strains) with treatment, specific exercises and stretching techniques.  She also gave me great nutritional guidance.  Under her care I was able to train at a high level, maintain my health and quality of life.
Thank you Dr. Lee!  With your care, I look forward to running faster in the future!     


I wanted to write to say after visiting various doctors over the last few years you were the first one who truly expressed concern for my overall health and well being. I appreciate the time you spent with me and I'm amazed at the simple solutions you recommended that relieved my back pain so quickly. I now have pain free days that I never thought possible. I no longer worry about living with increasing levels of pain the older I get. My quality of life has greatly improved! I just wanted to say thanks!  


I have been in the military for 18 years, and after many deployments and poor nutrition I started experiencing severe leg cramps on a regular basis. After consulting with Dr. Lee we discussed the importance of spinal alignment and proper nutrition to eliminate the problem. I was amazed that after one week of following her recommendations my leg cramps never returned.   


"I am overwhelmed with the care and healing I have received from Dr. Lee." After suffering an almost fatal auto accident 2 years ago, and then a shoulder injury several months ago, Dr. Lee was able to take the pain away in less than two months of treatments."  My MD's advice was to take pain medications for the rest of my life.  Instead, I choose chiropractic treatments, and I just got back from a week in Colorado, including some technical rock climbing, pain free!


Dr. April is one of those Chiropractors that takes her time with patients and listens and then HELPS get those pesky problems to become more manageable or well get rid of them all together - she is Amazing! Thank you for all your help in helping me regain the pleasures of life back. 


Serenity Health Chiropractic