Raising a Healthy School Child

Even as your child begins to seek his or her independence, as a parent, you continue to make decisions in hopes that your child will be healthy and happy. However, true wellness is an active pursuit of well-being. Wellness is more than just a lack of sick days and trips to the doctor but instead is the expression of health physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Tremendous Growth 
During the ages of six to twelve years your child’s spine will continue to develop at a rapid pace. The purpose of the spine is to house and protect your child’s nervous system. The brain, spinal cord and nerves are the master controller and regulator of all their body’s systems; immune, sleep, digestion, and respiratory.
Interference to wellness
During this time your child’s spine should be growing straight, and from the side should have healthy normal curves, which makes this the worst time for your child to have sports injuries and falls. 
Additionally, the lifestyle habits of today’s youth include hours spent on computers, video gaming and social networking through the internet and text messaging. All of these activities may lead to poor postural positions and repetitive stress on your child’s developing spine.
With these minor traumas, spinal bones may lose their normal position or ability to move causing interference to your child’s nervous system (vertebral subluxation). While your child probably won’t experience back pain; poor posture; poor attitude or poor study habits can be symptoms of an underlying problem.
Many parents report that when they begin chiropractic care for their children they see an improvement in their quality of life. This includes fewer sick days, better posture, improved study habits and generally a happier child.
Your family wellness chiropractor is as much an educator as they are a healthcare provider, and can guide you in the natural way to raise your family through better nutrition, fitness and other wellness lifestyle choices.

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